Setting Up a Homeschooling Space

1. Choose the Right Location Select a quiet and dedicated space for homeschooling. Ideally, this area should be free from distractions and separate from high-traffic areas to create a focused learning environment. 2. Ensure Adequate Lighting Good lighting is essential for a productive learning space. Position the workspace near natural light sources such as windows … Read more

Best Tips For New Foster Parents

Foster parenting can be an arduous task, particularly when working with children who have experienced trauma in the past. Luckily, there are ways you can make foster parenting simpler for both yourself and the children you care for. Be ready to work closely with many individuals including social workers, doctors and teachers. Additionally, recognize there … Read more


7 Step Homeschool Wrap-Up Plan

#1 Paper Chase Get your records in order. If your state requires portfolios, now is the time to gather, organize, and make your portfolio look polished. Tally all attendance days, record test scores, and create (or finish) your scholar’s yearly file. #2 Assess and Reflect What went well during this homeschool year, and what would … Read more