7 Step Homeschool Wrap-Up Plan

#1 Paper Chase

Get your records in order. If your state requires portfolios, now is the time to gather, organize, and make your portfolio look polished. Tally all attendance days, record test scores, and create (or finish) your scholar’s yearly file.

#2 Assess and Reflect

What went well during this homeschool year, and what would you rather forget? Have your scholars complete a Scholar Year-End Review to get their opinions on their favorite classes, experiences they enjoyed, and overall thoughts about the year. Take time to do a Home Educator Self Reflection form. What areas challenged you? Were there any new things you learned about your scholar (or yourself)?

#3 Clean House

Go through all of your homeschool treasures (aka things you picked up during the year from the dollar zone at the store). Grab a few trash bags and purge! Get rid of broken pencils/crayons, half-used glue, or other supplies that do not work as intended. Tackle paper clutter by only saving a few pieces of artwork. Sort through books and materials. Keep some and sell/donate others.

#4 Pantry Shop

Now that you have gotten some clarity after clearing out your homeschool space take an inventory of what you have.

#5 Get Ready

Write down how you plan to use the books/supplies/materials you have. Create a Supply List of items you want to get when back-to-school sales start. Use the Homeschool Materials Budget Guide to decide how much you feel comfortable spending for next year. Start pricing and shopping gradually to prevent the feeling of overspending.

#6 Pose for the Camera

Take a visual inventory of your school year. Grab some pictures from the thousands you have accumulated throughout the year and make a photo yearbook. Combine any artwork into a file or scan it to the computer and make it into an artwork portfolio.

#7 Party Plan

You made it through your homeschool year, and now you deserve a celebration. Plan an outing or celebration to honor your scholar’s accomplishments.

Inspirational Tips

If you have not completed your curriculum this year, it is okay. Try again next year!

Encourage yourself and your scholar by concentrating on the positive moments of the school year. Believe it or not, you did a phenomenal job and should be so proud of yourself.

The end of the school year can feel hectic and overwhelming, but you can get through it flawlessly with a bit of preparation. You survived this school year. So that makes you qualified to do ANYTHING!